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Review: Dancing About Architecture Reviews Apocalypse Soundtrack

Dave Franklin of Dancing About Architecture has written a wonderfully detailed review of Apocalypse: The Doll Chronicles (Original Soundtrack), which you can read using the image link above or here:


About the soundtrack: “suitably dark and delicious, epic and expansive, perfect to drive a film about a woman living on the edge of reality and being chased across a desolate and dystopian landscape by the darkness and trauma of her own past.

About the bonus tracks: “Perhaps because the music in these newly restored concepts is less directly tied to the final storyline, they reveal themselves to be more adventurous and experimental… it is here that the music seems broader in its scope, heightened in its anticipation, deeper, darker, more decayed, more…well, just more!

Dancing About Architecture, August 2021

Thank you Dave Franklin and Dancing About Architecture. I’m very happy y’all enjoyed it. 🙂

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