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Consequence, The Doll Chronicles short film


About Consequence, The Doll Chronicles


The story


Consequence, the Doll Chronicles is a story about the consequences of falling in love with the wrong man, and making some wrong choices. Doll is a girl having drinks with her friends at a holiday bar. She meets Ken and falls in love. He introduces her to drugs and consequences ensue.




Franco Esteve was inspired by a Larry Clark photo from his Tulsa collection in which a woman is in bed with a man, cowgirl position, as he injects her with drugs. The love, trust, and submission in that photo and some recent news stories of events near his home had created a story in Franco’s head that he really wanted to tell, so after filming Paranoia, The Doll Chronicles, the idea took form and took over and he knew that it was the perfect story for the next film in the series.

He quickly set out to look for the actors he would need, and with Emma Saura Woods’ help, not only were the main actors found, the wonderful Marisa Reyes Durán and Bernat Pizà Galmés, but also the people for the more complicated parts of the story. Being a no-budget short film made that part a bit more complicated, but our actors were more than up to the task and did a bang up job.

Planning was set and principal photography was completed within a couple of days at Bora Bora Polynesian Bar, an old house, and around the Cala Ratjada area.

Watch the trailer

Consequence, The Doll Chronicles Trailer




The film was completed and released in 2014, screened by a number of festivals, receiving a number of accolades along the way, particularly for its soundtrack and how it perfectly drives the story and takes you on Doll’s emotional journey.   


Watch and More

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  • Read some anecdotes from the production.
  • See promo and production stills here.
  • See the film’s credits here.

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