Apocalypse, The Doll Chronicles Promo Wide View
Apocalypse, The Doll Chronicles Promo Wide View
The Doll Chronicles


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The Doll Chronicles series of short films are created more as an art piece than a traditional film. Franco Esteve’s vision is to communicate and create beauty through the heavy use of music and elicit certain feelings in the viewer. It’s important that the production is direct and no budget, using whatever tools are available, because it’s not about the tools, but about the expression.

The short films have mainly focused on expressing issues relating to real experiences of women, some quite dreadful, but in their telling, Franco hopes to elicit a response, an awareness, both entertaining and shocking, that may help express feelings and cause feelings in return.

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Producciones Tecatas

The name literally translates to “Cheap Productions” (Tecato means cheap in Puerto Rican Spanish), and that is the focus: to create something beautiful, significant, engaging, and entertaining with the least amount of money and the tools at hand, with proper planning… of course. The focus is always the story and the experience, and in that, we believe we’ve succeeded. Franco Esteve created Producciones Tecatas as the collaborative vehicle to create these specific, filmic art pieces, working mainly with Emma Saura Woods to realize his vision.

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Franco Esteve more than directs, he creates a music focused art piece that expresses a sentiment about a particular topic through a specific filmic journey.

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What would films be without actors? Throughout the series, actors have come and gone, but Franco's favorites are starting to show.

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Not for TV

The Doll Chronicles is a semi-silent, experimental short film series that's not for everyone. It's certainly not for general audiences, though the themes are relevant to all.

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Filmed and produced in the most economical fashion and most often with terrible tools and cameras, it shows you can create something beautiful, relevant, and entertaining with very little.

Culver City Film Festival Official Selection 2014 Laurels for Consequence, The Doll Chronicles
Undercannes Cannes Underground Film Festival Laurels 2015


The Doll Chronicles is not focused on the festival circuit, though both Consequence, The Doll Chronicles, and now Apocalypse, The Doll Chronicles have been selected and shown in festivals throughout the world.

As with awards, what’s important is that the art piece is out there for people to experience, first through exposure on festival big screens and afterward through online media, be it YouTube or Vimeo.

And as the music is one of the main focuses in eliciting certain emotional responses, through their release on streaming services.