Paranoia, The Doll Chronicles

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Paranoia, The Doll Chronicles short film

About Paranoia, The Doll Chronicles

The experiment. That’s what Franco Esteve calls Paranoia, The Doll Chronicles. If Reaction was what inspired and helped birth a concept, an idea, then Paranoia is the experiment that brought it to life. Released in 2013, Paranoia, The Doll Chronicles is about Doll, a woman on the edge of reality, who suffers paranoia in her old house. The film elicits fear, anxiety, and pushes the viewer to experience what Doll is experiencing as she deals with her own fear and paranoia after reading a horror book. It stars Emma Saura Woods, Franco Esteve’s real life wife and producing partner, with Nuria García and Franco Esteve playing roles of creatures. More experimental than the rest of the series, yet defining the essence of The Doll Chronicles, Paranoia projects the art piece that Franco Esteve meant to create fully, with a haunting soundtrack driving the experience. Find out more about and listen to the soundtrack here.


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