Franco Esteve's The Doll Chronicles Short Film Series

Apocalypse, The Doll Chronicles cinema screening image

Want to watch Apocalypse, The Doll Chronicles right now?

There are 4 ways to watch it right now:

1. Go to one of the festivals the film will be screened at or watch during their online exhibit.

2. Save the soundtrack album on Spotify through the link before July 14th: (it asks you to log-in to Spotify, obviously) and you’ll get a private link to watch it.

3. Pre-order the soundtrack album on Bandcamp and Gumroad before July 14th and you’ll get a private link to watch it:

Bandcamp (requires e-mail during purchasing so that Franco Esteve may send you the link):

Gumroad (get the private link upon checkout):

4. Become a Franco Esteve patron on Patreon (any tier) and get a private link to watch it:

All options let you watch the film and help support the series, so go do whichever you prefer! Thank you everyone. 🙂
Public release of the film on YouTube and Vimeo will occur later this year.

More to come soon…

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