Franco Esteve's The Doll Chronicles Short Film Series

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Watch the award-winning, experimental short film, Apocalypse, The Doll Chronicles! Available Now on YouTube!

It’s finally available! Watch and experience the award-winning, experimental short film, Apocalypse, The Doll Chronicles now on YouTube here. The film has successfully completed its main festival run, accumulating awards and accolades along the way both for its presentation, concept, and soundtrack, and it’s out now for everyone to enjoy. Check it out:

NOTE: Though the film is experimental in nature and mostly occurs across a post-apocalyptic landscape, it deals with a serious subject matter, childhood trauma, and has therefore been age-restricted on YouTube and can only be watched there.

Film Description

Apocalypse, The Doll Chronicles (2021 Short Film)

Apocalypse, the latest award-winning entry in The Doll Chronicles series of independent short films about Doll, a beauty that stands on the edge of reality, is the fourth in the series and Doll faces a darkness from her past as she explores what seems like a desolate post-apocalyptic world. More info about the film below…

  • Duration: 8:13
  • Film: Apocalypse, The Doll Chronicles (4)
  • Created by: Franco Esteve

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About the film

Completed and released in 2021, Apocalypse, The Doll Chronicles is the film that never was. The footage was originally shot in 2015-2016 and it was meant as an overly ambitious entry into The Doll Chronicles series, but sadly most of the footage was lost to dead hard drives. From footage found and restored in old drives found years later, Franco Esteve’s great Doll Chronicles frustration, Apocalypse was rebuilt, refocused, and finished as a thought, a conceptual music driven, experimental film more in line with The Doll Chronicles concept, and yet, maintaining some of the original dialog and ideas.

The film follows Doll, a woman on the edge of reality, as she explores what looks like a desolate, post-apocalyptic landscape. Something or someone appears to be chasing her, and as we follow her travels, the darkness becomes clearer and we learn what it’s all about. The final film can be interpreted a number of ways, but the social awareness focus is still on trauma, particularly childhood trauma and abuse.

The film features new actors Charlotte March, Danny Brooks, and Llucia Pizà, and sees the return of Consequence actors, Marisa Reyes Durán and Bernat Pizà Galmes, with another cameo by executive producer, Emma Saura Woods in a party scene with other extras.

The film is currently in the film festival circuit, having already received Best Experimental Film at EdiPlay International Film Festival in France, Best Short in the Medusa Film Festival, and other accolades for both the film and the soundtrack, as well as receiving positive reviews for its experimental presentation, concept, music, and for its innovative reconstruction of footage lost into something meaningful.


Produced, Written, and Directed by Franco Esteve (
Executive producers: Emma Saura Woods & Franco Esteve
Starring: Charlotte March
Co-Starring: Danny Brooks, Bernat Pizà Galmés, Marisa Reyes Durán and introducing Llucía Pizà

Music: Written and Performed by Franco Esteve
Copyright©2021 Franco Esteve. All rights reserved.

Soundtrack album available on most, popular music download stores and streaming services. Here are some links to some of them:

No dolls were injured during the making of this film.
This film is a work of fiction. Any similarities to actual people or events is purely coincidental. Careful crossing the wasteland of your mind.

Shot on location in London, UK, and Mallorca, Spain.
Copyright©2021 Franco Esteve. All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication or use whole or in part is strictly prohibited and punishable by law.

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