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The Space Between ambient song on Spotify's Ambient Film Scores editorial playlist image

87th Week on Spotify’s Editorial Playlist! Over a Year! (Updated)

The Apocalypse, The Doll Chronicles soundtrack’s ambient song, “The Space Between,” selected for Spotify’s Ambient Film Scores editorial playlist ( is entering its 87th week on the playlist (song 34). It’s been over a year on the playlist! Wow! The music that drives the film Apocalypse, The Doll Chronicles is in great company there. Go listen to the song and the playlist: Enjoy the song, the playlist, and the wonderful music in it, and don’t forget to also check out the full album right there on Spotify ( or in your favorite streaming service. While you’re there, remember to listen, like and follow. 🙂 Not on Spotify? If you prefer another service or aren’t on any, here are some useful links to the album on some of the most popular:

Thank you everyone! Thank you Spotify! Enjoy the playlist, but most of all, enjoy the song. 🙂 Cheers. 

Find out more about the album here.  

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